Tompson Chitty

Tompson CHITTY (1815-1863), youngest son of Joseph 'STATUTES' CHITTY; for his working life, see earlier. By his wife, Sarah BOWNESS, he had fifteen children. Somewhere in this branch, but not yet identified by me, must be the Australian footballer whom Christopher CHITTY was proud to claim as a distant cousin.

i. Fanny Elizabeth, b.1839 Aug 3 St Pancras, d.1917 Feb 29, unmarried. At home, scholar, 1861 Census of Stockwell Place, Lambeth, Kensington; kept house for brother Henry William.

ii. Julia Lucy, b.1840 Aug 15 St Pancras, d.1861 Mch 19,unmarried.

iii. Horace Tompson, b.1842 Jan 21 St Pancras; at home 1861, commercial clerk; Grays Inn 1863, Bar 1869, of Essex Court 1869/71; Stipendiary Magistrate, British Guiana, 1873-75 and died there 1875 Aug 26. [No PCC Will or Adm.].

iv. Henry William, b.1843 Aug 6 St Pancras, d.1894 Dec 25. Presumably the Henry William of the Bank of Australia who was executor in 1891 of Wm. Farington CHITTY (son of Charles 'of Muntham').

v. Charles, b.1845 Jan 24, St Pancras, d.1915 Oct at home, scholar, 1861; married in New Zealand and had two daughters:

vi. Albert, b.1846 Aug 13, d.1848 Dec, an infant.

vii. Bertha, b.1848 Feb 1, d.1848 Mch 7, an infant, Willesden.

viii. Alfred, b.1849 Mch 27 - not at home 1861 - emigrated to Melbourne, Australia, where he died 1932. Married 1873 Mch 4 at S. Yarra, Australia, Elizabeth WILSON, b.1848 Apr 10, d.1922 Jul 28, and had issue:

a. Bertha, b.1873 Nov 20, d.1959 Jan 14, Hobart, unmarried.

b. Charles ('Charley'), b.1875 Feb 13, d.1953 Jan 2, timber merchant; married 1903 May 19 Kate BUTLER. Probably the Charles who, according to M-C, added his branch to the pedigree at the College of Arms. Had issue:
(i) Beatrice May, b.19.., d.19.., unmarried.
(ii) Lois Winifred, b.19.., unmarried.
(iii) Joyce Bertha, b.19.., unmarried.
(iv) Nancy Kate, b.19.., unmarried.
(v) Barbara Elizabeth, b.19.., unmarried.
(vi) Ruth Victoria, b.19.., unmarried.

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