Jacob Chitty
(1690-1767) of London (continued)

Jacob and his first wife Mary are said to have had eight children of whom three, Sarah, Jacob and Samuel, died young. The others were:

1. Mary, born 1724 Apr 17, married Henry BRITTAIN of Norwich and gave birth to a son, Henry junior, 1750 Nov 28. In 1744 she is said to have been 'given a reference by Joseph MERLOTT' - for some type of employment?.

2. Elizabeth, born 1725 Sep 11 and died 1792 Aug 1, married 1755 Feb 13 at St Olave Jewry by licence dated Feb 6, being of St Martin Ironmonger Lane, Adam JELLICOE of St Dunstan in the East, deputy paymaster R.N. Their great-great-great-grandson was Admiral of the Fleet Earl JELLICOE; and a grandson was Henry John Chitty HARPER, Archbishop of New Zealand. The latter's great-granddaughter Audrey Troyte HARPER married Lt Col John Waiter CHITTY in 1924.

3. Ann married, 1747 Sep, Samuel TOMPSON of Norwich (who was dead by 1800 Oct 25) and had ten children.

4. Josiah, born 1728 Feb 11, died 1751 between Jul 19 and Dec 9. He was an Aleppo merchant and member of the Levant Company, sailing from England some time after 1744/5 Feb 16 and arriving by 1747 Apr 25, His firm was FITZHUGH and CHITTY, factors. In 1747 Sep 29 he wrote from Aleppo to his uncle Josiah (M-C). Mr T.V.H. FitzHugh has provided a copy of Josiah's Will from the Levant Company's records, but no probate is known. The Will names Josiah's father Jacob, brother Joseph of Smyrna, uncle Josiah 'deceased', sisters Elizabeth CHITTY and Anna THOMPSON, and many friends, colleagues and employees in Aleppo, and appointed as his 'Sole Assign' his friend Mr John FREE, merchant, of Aleppo. The Will was dated 1751 Jul 19 but on Dec 9 following, Mr FREE declined acceptance of the trust as he intended to return to his native country before being able to finish the matter. Josiah is also said to have owned the Mitre Inn in London.

5. Joseph, born 1729/30 Jan 2, died 1795 Apr. He and his brother Josiah were apparently educated by the Rev Mr HIGHMORE of Mortlake (M-C). Some time after 1745 Nov 28, he sailed for Smyrna and was still there, with the firm of Thomas D'AETH and Richard LEE in 1751. In 1750 he was left his uncle Josiah's Chadwell lands, Wangey Manor, and these were managed for him by his uncle Thomas until his return home. Joseph lived there from 1762 to 1795. Joseph married 1771 Mch 7 at Dagenham (settlement Feb 16) Sarah CARTWRIGHT of Hornchurch, born 1750 Sep 25 and died 1820 May 4 at Brighton (Gentleman's Magazine), buried May 13 at Itchingfield, home parish of her son Charles. In 1780, Joseph CHITTY of Dagenham, Essex, paid tax for one Male Servant - the only CHITTY so taxed at that date. Be died 1795 Apr (will proved Apr 24) as of Chadwell in the parish of Dagenham, Essex, Esq. (when he signed the Will in 1782). He was buried at Dagenham 1795 Apr 3.

continued ...

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