Joseph Chitty
(1690-1767) of London

Joseph CHITTY (1690-1767), third son of Josiah I, was a Citizen and Brewer and in 1717 and 1719 took as apprentices Jacob and Joseph, sons of his kinsman Joseph HUSE of Wokingham, who paid premiums of £200 and £150 respectively, for their training. In 1731 another apprentice brought £600.

Joseph was of St Olave, Hart Street, in 1720, and bought an estate, Merton Place, in Surrey. In 1736 he became Sheriff of Surrey; but in 1749 his success came to an end when he was declared bankrupt and consigned to the Fleet Prison, owing the Customs some £1800 duty on imported raisins. CC and his father Herbert say he was bankrupted Jun 9 and imprisoned Jun 10, with more than a suspicion of fraudulent intent; and that he wrote a pamphlet in protest against this.

His brothers Josiah
and Thomas rescued him, paying his debts and taking over his property. At Josiah's death the following year, Thomas assumed the whole responsibility and took over Merton Place.

Joseph spent the remainder of his life as Thomas's pensioner at Newdigate Farm in Surrey, the pension being paid to the occupier or bailiff, part for Joseph's keep and part as 'pocket money'. A continuing £7 per month was provided under Thomas's Will.

Joseph had married, 1720 Oct 15, by licence for Grays Inn Chapel, Elizabeth LEWIS of Hackney, spinster, aged 21. A monumental inscription (1729-30) to two infant daughters at St Olave Hart Street shows the Arms of CHITTY marshalling those of LEWIS of Bristol. The CHITTY arms are differenced with a mullet in base to denote the third son (see Annals of St Olave's Hart Street).

Joseph died 1767 Jan 18 and a first grant of administration of his remaining estate in 1769 (untraced) was apparently made to a creditor Robert BURGOYNE. By 1800 Apr 22 BURGOYNE and his daughter Elizabeth and her husband Thomas SKEGGS were dead; so another Grant was made to Joseph's granddaughter Sarah WILLIAMS to deal with the last £20.

Joseph and Elizabeth (whose death has not been traced) had four daughters:

1. Elizabeth born 1724 Oct, died 1760 Jun 25, having married 1754 Jul 26 Nevill BIRCH.
2. Ann born 1729 Sep, died 1729 May 1, buried May 6, St Olave's.
3. Ann born 1730 Oct, died 1730 Nov 20, buried Nov 21, St Olave's.
4. Sarah born 1737 Mch, dead by 1800, married 1761 Apr 23 Thomas DUNN, and left a daughter Sarah who married 1787 Mch 2, at St George Hanover Square, James Rice WILLIAMS, and was her grandfather's final administratrix in 1800.

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