Henry Chitty
(1610?-1680) of London

Henry CHITTY (1610?-1680), eldest surviving son of the first Abraham and administrator of his estate in 1665, was presumably apprenticed to a vintner (though CC says the Vintners' Company has no record of his apprenticeship or freedom). He was certainly a Vintner by 1653 - and probably by about 1635. He resided in the parish of St Peter, Cornhill, and also at Homerton, Hackney.

In 1664, Jul 28, he was nominated as Alderman for Broad Street Ward, but was rejected by the Court of Aldermen. Four years later, 1668 Apr 21, he was elected Alderman for Cheap Ward, but, having been sworn on Apr 28, he decided to relinquish the office and instead paid a fine of £420. The following year, 1689 Dec 15, he was Master of the Vintners' Company.

In 1671 and 1672 he was plaintiff in Chancery actions to recover debts for wine bought, etc. In 1677 he and his son Matthew are listed as merchants in the Ward of Bishopsgate Street Within the Gate.

Henry was twice married, his first wife Agnes dying 1655/6, after which he married Mary HINTON, banns being read at St Michael Cornhill in January 1656. She had been baptised there, 1640 Jun 14, daughter of Humphrey and Alice, and died of smallpox in 1659, being buried in the parish vault at St Michael's on June 23.

Henry 'of Hackney, Esq.', made his Will 1676 May 24, added a codicil 1680 May 10, and was buried 1680 Oct 8 in the old, upper little vault next the vestry house door at St Michael's. The Will had been proved on Sep 25, so the burial seems to have been delayed. His mother-in-law Alice HINTON was brought from Hackney and buried in the same vault, 1699 Jul 22.

Three of Henry's servants died in the great plague of 1665 and were buried in the East Yard at St Peter's between Jul 29 and Aug 19. Another servant was buried at St Peter's in 1667, as was a 'male child taken up in Mr CHITTY's yard', 1668 Jul 17.

A Middlesex Session Roll (reported by CC) records that on 1670 Aug 28 one William COOKE, late of the parish of Hackney, labourer, broke into the house of Henry CHITTY Esq., no person being then in the said house, and stole silver to the value of £12.4.0. He was found guilty on Aug 31 and sentenced to be hanged. Quick action indeed by the forces of the Law!.

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