Origins of the Chitty name and family

The death of Henry in that year ends the reasonably certain COKKELS line; it is impossible to estimate how many of the later Godalming CHITTYs descended from the 1371 Thomas.

Thanks mainly to the co-operation of the late J. Harvey Bloom, we have some 220 references to Godalming CHITTYs from the Manor and Hundred Court Rolls from 1371 to 1654 as well as a number of wills, the earliest dated 1485. On the credit side we note that a Henry was Bailiff in 1587, that George and Henry were Constables in 1586 and 1590 and John was Affererer (?Assessor) in 1412, whilst others sat on the Jury at the Great Assize and on the High Tithing and served as Tithingmen for six of the ten tithings of the Godalming Hundred - Godalming, Farncombe, Binscombe, Eashing, Laborne and Hurtmore. On the debit side, CHITTYs trespassed on the pasture with a mare and colt, obstructed the highway, overcharged for meat, placed dung on the highway, allowed a horse in the meadow, committed assault, broke the assize of ale, and failed to appear when summoned. When their occupations are named (usually because they were unhelpfully named John) they appear as butchers, weavers (these may be the origins of some of their aiases), smiths, fullers, shearmen and bakers. They are also described as being of the tithings named above or of Dodemerton, Ertyngdon, Mowshill, Lotkins, and even of the neighbouring town of Guildford - the last in the high-grade occupation of clothier. So by the time that the extant Parish Register begins in 1582, there were a great many remotely connected CHITTYs in Godalming parish, manor and hundred, and in the published Register for 1582 to 1686 the name is about the commonest in the parish.

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