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The late Erik Chitty was an actor well-known for his TV roles, especially in the series 'Please Sir'. He was also a keen genealogist. This website is based on his unpublished research work -  'Chitty of London'  - and is dedicated to his memory.




The arms of CHITTY are: 'Gules, a chevron ermine, in chief three talbot's heads erased, or,' and the Crest: 'A talbot's head couped or'; and the only Chittys now entitled to bear these arms descend from Josiah Chitty, citizen of London and Liveryman of the Brewers' Company, who lived 1658 to about 1714.

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'When people (some of whom should know better) speak to me of Geneology, I remind them that our hobby is indeed an Allergy: either it plunges one into a high fever of excitement, or it leaves one stone-cold' (Erik Chitty, 1975).

Are you researching your family tree? Tracing your ancestors - and their descendants? Does the name Chitty figure in your family history? If it is your surname, then your roots are almost certainly in the southern English countryside, on the Surrey-Hampshire borders. The late Erik Chitty's genealogical researches uncovered a complex and fascinating story of brewers, weavers, butchers and clothiers - some of whom moved from Godalming to London and established themselves as prominent merchants, craftsmen and lawyers. In the eighteenth century a Chitty became Lord Mayor of London. In the nineteenth century another became Lord Justice of Appeal (as well as being Umpire of the University Boat Race). Erik's account of 'Chitty of London' links these people to other, more recent, family members in England, America, Australia, New Zealand, India and other countries around the world.

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